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Uploading a model is a necessary part before using it on HEPMDB computation frame. As there is a long list of fields to fill in on the uploading page, here is a guide through.


In order to upload your model, you will have to fill in all the fields marked with an asterisk. You should also check the other fields to make sure that they do not concern your model.

The fields

Model Name

This name will appear in the Import model menu. As the model already has a name that is used by CalcHEP or WHIZARD, it is better to put the same name to avoid inconsistencies.


This field is quite straight forward. Of course, the author does not have to be the person uploading the model.


A short description of the model. This description won't appear in the model list.


The description of the model should be quite short. When searching a model on HEPMDB, this is the text that appears.


You can put up to four different references to papers that could, for instance, describe a bit more the theoritical framework of the model.


We have five different fields for signatures:

  1. MET - Large missing transverse momentum
  2. DJM - Resonance in di-jet invariant mass
  3. DLM - Resonance in di-lepton invariant mass
  4. MT3L - Transverse mass from 3-leptons and missing energy
  5. MT2L - Transverse mass from 2-leptons and missing energy

All of them refer to particular signatures the model can exhibit. Using these fields means that it will be easier to find the model which corresponds to a particular experimental signature. This is still in development though.

Model File

For the model file, all the files needed for the model to work should be compressed in a tar.gz archive. Then, it should be selected using the browse button.

Model Tool

As HEPMDB is designed to be used with several programs, it is necessary to indicate what program is aimed by your model. Just select it in the list.

Source File

You can distribute the source file of your model if you used a third-party software to produce it. Sharing the source code is of course highly encouraged. Again, all the files should be put in a tar.gz archive.

Source Tool

If you used a third-party software to produce the model and if you're uploading the source code, choose the software you used in the list.

Public Model

If this field is checked, the model will be accessible to any HEPMDB user and even to any non-registered user for downloading. If not, you'll be the only person able to access the model. Making a model public is reversible; it is always possible to go back and uncheck the box.

You're done!

Once you have filled in all those fields, you can upload the model by clicking the Upload model button. The model is immediately available and can be used on the Calculate page.