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Many tasks on HEPMDB require you to be registered. Registration can be done at the following address:

On this page, you will find a description of the various fields required for registration.


As for any registration form, you will have to provide your details for a certain number of fields. Each field marked with an asterix is mandatory. Once the form is completed, you will receive an email confirming that your registration request has been received. Registration must be accepted by the HEPMDB admin team before you can begin to use the database, it should be accepted by our team quite quickly. You will receive a second email when you are allowed to use HEPMDB at full capacity.


First and last names

These two fields are mandatory. They will be used when sending emails to you (confirming that a HEPMDB job is done) and appear when you upload a model.


Giving your email is mandatory. Providing this information is a simple way to check that this is a real registration. Your email is also required when using the computational capacities of HEPMDB as it will be used to alert you when a job has been completed.

Address, country and website

These fields are optional.


This is self-explanatory. Enter your password twice in order to avoid a typing error.


For our statistics, we require this field to be filled in. Typical affiliations include your university and the name of your laboratory.


Please tick the box to prove you are a human. This helps us prevent bots from registering for an account.