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If you would like an information regarding HEPMDB or for any general enquiries please email

  • Alexander Belyaev (University of Southampton)
  • James Blandford (University of Southampton)

Southampton High Energy Physics (SHEP) group has a long term program to play a significant role in uncovering the next level of fundamental physics beyond the standard model (BSM).

SHEP activity covers the following strongly related areas of High Energy Physics:

  • Collider phenomenology within and beyond the standard model
  • Model building
  • Lattice QCD
  • Strongly coupled gauge theories
  • Gravitation.

The group has 11 permanent academic members. It also includes about 30 postdocs and PhD students who are involved in the group research activity. In the last 3 years SHEP has published about 200 papers in the leading physics journals with the top impact parameter such as: Physical Review Letters, Physics Letters B, Physics Review D, European Physical Journal.

Our group played a leading role in the creation of the NExT Institute which now joins researchers from Southampton, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, University of Royal Holloway and University of Sussex. NExT was established to promote a new kind of interaction within particle physics, by formally creating and supporting one-on-one relationships between each theorist and an individual experiment. This novel approach is designed to help put the UK in a unique position to extract and interpret results from the LHC and in defining research programs in other areas such as neutrinos and dark matter.

It is worth stressing both the impressive scale of NExT activities as a whole (a total funding of about £3.5M since 2006 from as many as 20 institutions/agencies) and SHEP's leading role within it. Prof Moretti is the Director and 4 of the 7 permanent NExT fellows/lecturers are based in Southampton (E. Accomando, A.Belyaev, P. Di Bari, R. Zwicky).