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HEPMDB is created to facilitate the connection between High Energy theory and experiment, to store and validate theoretical models, to develop dictionary of the model signatures aimed to identify the fundamental theory responsible for signals expected at the LHC.

HEPMDB is also designed for collecting different signatures for its models as well as respective experimental efficiencies. Using this information HEPMDB will be able to compare its BSM model predictions with LHC data which and would allow to discriminate an underlying theory.

The database is in the development stage and your input in the 'Forum' section is highly appreciated. Database collects Particle Physics Models. These models are supposed to be public and represent themselves a set of Feynman Rules which can be in form of input for any of Matrix Element generators such as CalcHEP, CompHEP, FeynArts, Madgraph, SHERPA, WHIZARD. HEPMDB has an entrance for Model authors -- 'Authors' -- where Authors can test and validate their models.

To become an 'Author', you should register in a 'Register' section. 'Authors' are welcomed to also upload LanHEP or FeynRules source of their models.