Model : A Fermionic Portal Vector Dark Matter (FPVDM) (MadGraph)


Alexander Belyaev, Aldo Deandrea, Stefano Moretti, Luca Panizzi, Nakorn Thongyoi

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Nakorn Thongyoi



- MET-Large missing transverse momentum;
- METHT-Missing + HT;
- LLP-Long lived Particles;
- 4TOPS-Four top quark signature;
- TTH-T-tbar + Higgs Signature;
- HICT-Highly ionising charged tracks;
- D2T-Di-tops Resonance;


We introduce a new class of renormalisable models, consisting of a dark SU(2)D gauge sector connected to the Standard Model (SM) through a Vector-Like (VL) fermion mediator, not requiring a Higgs portal, in which a massive vector boson is the Dark Matter (DM) candidate. These models are labelled Fermion Portal Vector Dark Matter (FPVDM). Multiple realisations are possible, depending on the properties of the VL partner and of the scalar potential. One example is discussed in detail. FPVDM models have a large number of applications in collider and non-collider experiments, depending on the mediator sector.


This model is implemented in MadGraph format using FeynRules package.


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Alexander Belyaev (2024-01-23 10:16:34)

The model has Dark Matter candidate and works with micrOMEGAs

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