HEPMDB was created to facilitate connection between High Energy theory and experiment, and it is a tool to store and validate and explore models of particle physics. The ultimate goal of HEPMDB is to instrument identification of the fundamental theory responsible for signals expected at the LHC.

HEPMDB provides option to run computations on the IRIDIS4 HPC supercluster at the University of Southampton. This vastly improves efficiency for researchers studying theories beyond the Standard Model.

This database is in the development stage, please use Launchpad for any issues! The database accumulates Particle Physics Models; these models can be shared with be public, cited within academic papers, or even shared amongst colleagues!

Each model represents a set of Feynman Rules which can be in form for any popular Matrix Element generators. HEPMDB supports CalcHEP, CompHEP, FeynRules, MadGraph, SHERPA, and WHIZARD.

One can freely browse and download public models at HEPMDB, but to use HPC fasilities for the simulations and model exploration at HEPMDB, you should register first.