Model : MSSM with pion (MSSMp)


Alexander Belyaev, Felipe Rojas-Abatte

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Alexander Belyaev


"Probing dark matter with disappearing tracks at the LHC"

Alexander Belyaev, Stefan Prestel, Felipe Rojas-Abbate, Jose Zurita

Phys.Rev.D 103 (2021) 9, 095006 • e-Print: 2008.08581 [hep-ph]

author = "Belyaev, Alexander and Prestel, Stefan and Rojas-Abbate, Felipe and Zurita, Jose",
title = "{Probing dark matter with disappearing tracks at the LHC}",
eprint = "2008.08581",
archivePrefix = "arXiv",
primaryClass = "hep-ph",
doi = "10.1103/PhysRevD.103.095006",
journal = "Phys. Rev. D",
volume = "103",
number = "9",
pages = "095006",
year = "2021"


- MET-Large missing transverse momentum;
- METHT-Missing + HT;
- DCT-Disappearing charged tracks;
- LLP-Long lived Particles;


MSSM model with effective X+ X1 π- interaction (MSSMp) in CalcHEP format. It reads file in the SLHA2 format which can be uploaded via menu in the "Calculate" session.


The name of the file you upload is arbitrary -- internally it will be renamed to SLHA.txt file. If you will be using this model locally on your desktop/laptop you should put your SLHA file into "models" directory, or, alternatively, define your own path in the func.mdl file.


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