Model : Simplified SUSY-inspired model for di-Higgs studies


Luca Panizzi

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Luca Panizzi


S. Moretti, L. Panizzi, J. Sjölin and H. Waltari, "Deconstructing squark contributions to di-Higgs production at the LHC", arXiv:2302.03401 [hep-ph]


The model contains 4 coloured scalars in the fundamental of SU(3), interacting only with gluons and with the SM Higgs boson. Furthermore, it includes two parameters to modify the tth Yukawa and the hhh trilinear couplings of the SM. All new parameters are free for model-independency. It can be used to study squark-induced new physics contribution in Higgs production at the LHC.


Care must be taken when compiling the model via the Mathematica notebook to obtain the UFO suitable for one-loop simulations. The counterterms associated to the modified SM couplings are not appropriately written in Modifications by hand have to be implemented to appropriately take into account the correct coupling orders. The UFO model provided already contains these modifications. If this is not done, results depending on these couplings are sizably affected.


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