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Phys. Rept. 420 (2005) 1-202: R. Barbier et al, R-parity violating supersymmetry.
JHEP 0407 (2004) 36: P. Skands et al, SUSY Les Houches accord: Interfacing SUSY spectrum calculators, decay packages, and event generators .
# Comput.Phys.Commun.180 (2009) 8: B. C. Allanach et al, SUSY Les Houches Accord 2.


RPV MSSM Model for CalcHEP which is implemented by FeynRules team (thanks to Benjamin Fuks).


(taken from FeynRules web page) Our implementation keeps all the flavour-violating and helicity-mixing terms in the Lagrangian and also all the possible additional CP-violating phases. In order to deal in a transparent way with the more than 100 parameters, it follows the commonly used universal set of conventions provided by the Supersymmetry Les Houches Accord. The possible Higgs-lepton mixing terms are not included in the present implementation. However, there is no blocking point here and they could be straightforwardly added to the present model file, if necessary. However, we remind that in that case, all mixing relations of the model file must be updated, becoming in fact much more complicated.


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