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PhenoData is designed to store the data from HEP papers that are not provided on arXiv or HEPData and to avoid the duplication of work by HEP researchers in digitizing plots. The data is in the form of digitized curves from figures, tables, etc. and can be easily searched by paper title, paper IDs (via arXiv, DOI or preprint numbers) and uploader name. Registration is not required to view existing data but to upload your own data you must register at HEPMDB.

PhenoData is in development stage. Please contact us with your questions/suggestions here or via the Launchpad.


A registered user may create an entry for a given paper, consisting of a title and various reference formats; including DOI, arXiv, preprint. Any user may then attach individual records for each plot or table contained within the paper. In order to store data in this structure, the document-orientated database MongoDB was used. These attached items consist of a label and data file to be uploaded. In addition, the user may upload an image in any standard format, although .pdf is preferrable. If a .pdf is uploaded then there will be automatic conversion to .png, and both formats will be stored. For plots, this data file is then parsed and an interactive plot is displayed (using plotly) side-by-side with the uploaded image for comparison. TeX style formatting is supported for all titles and labels.

All data can be viewed or downloaded without registration. A registered user (of HEPMDB) may also edit their own uploads. Each uploader is contactable via an email form, or alternatively you may leave a comment on the paper record which is publically viewable.

Uploading Data

To upload the data from a certain paper you will need a URL link to the paper's arXiv or other identifier reference page, the data file in any textual format and a pdf or image file of the figure in question. Multiple data can be added to a certain paper by clicking the New Data option.

Downloading Data

Navigate to the paper which contains the required data, and click to enter the paper view page. Here, there will be data such as tables or figures attached below. Click one of these uploads to see further information, including an interactive plot and links to view/download image or data files.

Short IDs

PhenoData produces a short arxiv style id for each paper (eg. 1709.00073). This is listed beneath the title on the paper view page.


The PhenoData API allows you to upload a lot of data while avoiding the interactive upload via Web Interface. It can be used to access endpoints, which allows you to upload data and view papers stored in the database.

The base API endpoint is the URL: "".

Registered users are provided a unique API key which should be included in all API requests to the server. An example of the bash script for the upload of the data is available here, including an example of the data file.