Maksym Bondarenko

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Dr. Maksym Bondarenko has a Masters degree in Mathematics from the University of Kharkov and also a Masters degree of computer science. He has obtained his PhD in 2008 at Southampton University.

Dr. Maksym Bondarenko has a very strong background in both the theoretical side of running mathematical simulations and the practical knowledge in implementing and coding websites, servers and databases. With this experience Dr. Maksym Bondarenko was granted postgraduate funding and research opportunities at the University of Southampton, this research concerned turbulence flow in channels, this was sponsored by the prestigious ORSAS (Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme). Whilst writing up his PhD thesis, Dr. Maksym Bondarenko became aware of a lack of a database for CFD data in the research group. Maksym Bondarenko then created a web-based centralised system to store and share this information, this also allowed users to upload and run their simulations and manipulate their data without downloading. This entire system was created for free, from the PIs own self-motivation and passion, and it was developed and run alone and without funding. The system is still running today and is widely used not only by students in the department at Southampton but also by researchers at other institutions. This previous experience in creating web-based centralised processing and database systems put the PI in a very good position to extend and develop these old systems, allowing them to run on supercomputer clusters and provide several other important and useful collaboration tools. After obtaining his PhD, Maksym Bondarenko then became a research fellow at the Airbus Noise Technology Centre (ANTC). A European consortium incorporating Airbus, Rolls-Royce, QinetiQ Noise Test Facility (NTF) and Oxford University. The NTC project involved the collaboration of over a hundred different researchers in U.K., France, Germany, Spain and other European countries. There was a lot of travelling involved between these different countries to coordinate the research. The research was heavily involved in Industry, to create a new aircraft, and Maksym Bondarenko's task was to investigate the effect of jet-wing noise interaction, as such this was very commercial (hence the requirement for a non-disclosure agreement and no published papers). Proofreading essay Maksym Bondarenko is currently working in the Physic department at the university of Southampton, working on HEPMDB preliminary web-site, investigating the feasibility of the proposal and establishing the ground-rules and requirements for the system.