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The Launchpad for HEPMDB allows users to report bugs and ask questions relating to HEPMDB, uploading a model, the calculate section and any issues regarding the site's functionality. It is located in the Help tab drop-down menu on the homepage. There is also a Launchpad for Calchep.

Searching for answers

You can search for previously asked questions and sort by relevancy, status of the question, order uploaded and recently updated. There is also the option to select which status of question is included in the search.

Asking a question

To submit a question to the forum you must first be registered with Ubuntu One and validate your email address. You can enter a short description of the problem and once submitted the system will search for similar questions previously asked and from the FAQs. If these questions do not address your problem you can enter a more detailed description of the problem in the box below. Remember to include as much detail as possible: what you’re trying to achieve, what steps you take, what happens, and what you think should happen instead. You can then post the question to the forum for another community member to help resolve the issue.